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Programs in Chinese Language and Culture

Long Term Programs:?Students who wish to study Chinese language and culture for over half a year may fit into our beginners programs, elementary programs, intermediate programs or advanced programs in accordance with their levels of the Chinese language proficiency.

Age requirement: 18 years and above


1. Application Fee: 400 RMB

2. Tuition: 7400 RMB per semester

Short Term Programs:?The University runs short-term theme study programs all the year round in Chinese Language and Culture,Chinese Calligraphy and Painting, Business in China, Traditional Chinese SportsGames, Traditional Chinese Musical Instruments, Chinese Education, Tourism inChina, etc. The duration for such short term study programs may vary from 2 weeks to 8 weeks, followed by one or two weeks of field trips to major attractions in the Province, or other destinations in China. The courses and ?duration of study are adjustable upon specific requirements.

Age requirements: 18 years and above


1. Application Fee: 400 RMB

2. Tuition: 800 RMB per week

Undergraduate Studies

Duration:?4 years

Registration: Early September

Application Deadline: 31 july

Entry Requirements:

1. 18 years and above

2. High School Diploma or above

3. HSK Level 3 or above (except for some special programs or programs taught in English)


1. Application Fee: 400 RMB

2. Tuition: 16800 RMB per year

Undergraduate Programs with Chinese Language Requirements



College of Humanities

Chinese Language and Literature


Humanism Education

College of Law and Political Science

Ideological and Political Education


Social Work

Administration Management

College of Foreign Languages



Translation (English and Chinese)

College of Teacher Education


Primary School Education

Education Technology

Applied Psychology

College of Mathematics, Physics and Information Technology

Mathematics & Applied Mathematics


Information &Computer Science

Computer Science &Technology

Software Engineering

Electronic Information Engineering

Optical Information Science & Engineering

Communication Engineering

Internet Engineering

Material Physics

College of Chemistry and Life Sciences


Applied Chemistry



Science Education

College of Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Visual Communication Design

Environmental Design

Product Design

College of Physical Education and Health Sciences

Physical Education

Social Physical Education

College of Geography and Environmental Sciences


Urban Planning

Environmental Science

College of Economics and Management

Financial Management

Electronic Commerce


Business Administration


International Economics & Business


Financial Accounting Education

Tourism Management & Service Education

Tourism Management

College of Music


Music Performance

Hangzhou College of Preschool Teacher Education

Preschool Education

Arts Education (Music Education for Children)


Special Education

College of Engineering

College of Vocational and Technical Education


Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation

Industrial Design

Automobile Maintenance Education

Applied Electronics Technology Education

College of International Culture and Education

Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

Chinese Language

College of Communication and Creative Culture

Digital Media Technology


Literature of Theatre Film & Television

Cultural Industry Management

China-Africa International Business School

International Economics and Business

Note: The academic year of the program marked with?is 5years.

Undergraduate Program without Chinese Language Requirements

Chinese Language (Concentration in Business Chinese)

Undergraduate ProgramsTaught in English ?

1. International Economics and Trade

2. Software Engineering

3. Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation

4. Environmental Science

5. Biotechnology

6. Applied Chemistry

MA/MSc Programs


First-tier ?Discipline

Research ?Orientation

College of Law and ?Political Science


·Marxist philosophy

·Foreign Philosophy

·Philosophy of Science and ?Technology


·Chinese Philosophy

Civil Law and Commercial Law

·Civil Law and Commercial ?Law

Political Science

·Political Theory




Marxist theory

·Basic Principles of ?Marxism

·Studies of Marxism with ?Chinese Characteristics

·The Study of Marxism ?Abroad

·Ideological and Political ?Education

·Basic Problems of Modern ?Chinese History

Organization and ?Ideological Education of Children

·Organization and ?Ideological Education of Children

Administration Management

·Administration Management

College of Teacher Education


·Principles of ?Education

·Curriculum and ?Teaching Theory

·History of ?Education

·Adult Education

Teacher Education

·Teacher Education


·Basic Psychology

·Developmental and ?Educational Psychology

·Applied Psychology

Educational Technology

·Educational Technology

Educational Economics and ?Management

·Educational Economics and ?Management

Hangzhou College of ?Preschool Teacher Education


·Preschool Education

·Special Education


·Developmental and ?Educational Psychology

College of Physical ?Education and Health Sciences

Physical Education

·Sports Humanistic ?Sociology

·Human Science of Exercise

·Physical Education and ?Training

·National Traditional ?Physical Education

College of Humanities

Chinese Language and ?Literature

·Art and Literature

·Chinese Ancient Literature

·Chinese Modern and ?Contemporary Literature

·Comparative Literature and ?World Literature

·Linguistics and Applied ?Linguistics

·Chinese Philology

·Chinese Classical ?Literature

Children's Literature ?(Interdisciplinary)

·Children's Literature ?(Interdisciplinary)

Chinese History

·Chinese Ancient History

·Chinese Modern History

·Specific History

World History

·European and American ?History

·History of International ?Relations

·History of Cultural ?Exchange Between China and Other Countries

College of Foreign ?Languages

Foreign Language and ?Literature

·English Language and ?Literature

·Translation Studies

·Foreign Linguistics and ?Applied Linguistics

·Foreign Language Courses ?and Professional Development of Teachers

College of Music

Musicology and Dancing

·Music Theory

·Vocal Performing Arts and ?Education

·Piano Performing Arts and ?Education

·Composition and ?Composition Technical Theory

College of Fine Arts

Fine Arts

·Fine Arts Theory

·Chinese Painting

·Oil Painting

College of Mathematics, ?Physics and Information Technology


·Partial Differential ?Equations

·Function Theory and ?Functional Analysis

·Combinatorial Mathematics

·Graph Theory and ?Applications

·Algebra and Number Theory

·The Approximation Theory

·Computation and Software

·Differential Equations and ?Dynamical Systems

·Optimization theory

·Computational Biology

·Control Theory and Control ?Engineering

·Operator Theory and ?Operator Algebra


·Nonlinear Physics

·High Energy Physics

·Condensed Matter Theory

·Computer Simulation of ?Complex Systems

·Functional Material ?Physics and Devices

Information Optics

·Spectroscopy and Nonlinear ?Optics

·Optoelectronic Devices and ?Sensors

·Acoustic Transducers and ?Acoustic Signal Processing Devices

Systems Theory

·Soliton and Integrable ?Systems

·Complex Network System

·Biological Information ?Systems Theory


·Mathematical Statistics


·Economic Statistics

Physical Electronics

·Sensors and Signal ?Detection

·Image and Multimedia ?Signal Processing

·Intelligent Information ?Processing

Computer Science and ?Technology

·Software Requirements ?Engineering & Applications

·Artificial Intelligence

·High Trusted Computing ?& Parallel Computing

·Pattern Recognition and ?Image Processing

·Algorithm Theory and ?Application

·Smart Sensing Technology

·System Modeling and ?Verification of Agent

·Embedded Systems

Soft Engineering

·Software Engineering & ?Theory

·Software Technology and ?Applications

·Services and Distributed ?Computing

College of Chemistry and ?Life Sciences


·Inorganic Chemistry

·Analytical Chemistry

·Organic Chemistry

·Physical Chemistry

·Polymer Chemistry & ?Physics






·Biochemistry and Molecular ?Biology


·Biodiversity Conservation

·Ecological Security and ?Repair

·Pollution Ecology

·Development and ?Utilization of Biological Resources

·Soil Resources and Ecology

·Agricultural?Entomology and Pest Control

College of Economics and ?Management

Regional Economics

·Regional Economics

Business Administration

·Business Management


·Technical Economics and ?Management

·Tourism Management

College of Geography and ?Environmental Sciences


·Natural Geography

·Human Geography

·Cartography and Geographic ?Information Systems

Geographical Environment ?and Pollution Control

·Geographical Environment ?and Pollution Control

College of Engineering

College of Vocational and ?Technical Education


·Vocational and Technical ?Education

Computer Intelligent ?Control and Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

·Computer Intelligent ?Control and Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Intelligent Transportation ?Technology

·Intelligent Transportation ?Technology

College of Communication and Creative Culture



Radio and Television Art

·Radio and Television Art

College of International ?Culture and Education

International Spread of ?Chinese

·Second Language ?Acquisition

·Teaching Chinese as a ?Second Language

·The Spread of Chinese Culture

Institute of African ?Studies

Political Science

·International Politics

·International Relations

Science of Africa ?(Interdisciplinary)

·Education in Africa

Science of Africa ?(Interdisciplinary)

·African History and ?Culture

Rural Area Research Center

Rural Development ?Management

·Rural Development ?Management

Tin Ka Ping Institute of ?Educational Research


·Comparative Education

·Higher ?Education

China-Africa International ?Business School

International Business ?Management

·International Business ?Management

Professional Master’s Programs

1. Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSO) (2years)

2. Master of Business Administration (2.5 years)

3. Master of Social Work (2 years)

4. Master of Translation (2 years)

5. Master of Computer Software (2.5 years)

6. Master of Public Administration (2.5 years)

Master’s Programs Taught in English

1.Master of Business Administration (MBA) (2 years)

2.Master of International Business (2 years)

3.Comparative Education (2 years)

4.Environmental Science (2 years)

5.Computer Intelligent Control and Electro-mechanical Engineering (2 years)

6.Software Engineering (2 years)

7.Optical Engineering (2 years)

8.Applied Mathematics (2 years)

9.Functional Material Physics and Devices (2 years)

10.Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2 years)

11. International Business Management (3 years’ research program)

Doctoral Degree ProgramsDuration:3 years


Research Orientation

Principles of Education

·Philosophy of Education

·Education Principles

Comparative Education

·Comparison of International Education Policy

·Research of Education in Africa

Preschool Education

·Children Development & Early Education

·Children Development & Education Policy

Higher Education

·Principles of Higher Education

·Higher Education Management

Linguistics & Applied Linguistics

·Grammatical theory

·Applied Linguistics

Chinese Philology

·Modern Chinese Characters

·Literature of Handwriting on Paper

Chinese classical literature

·The Literature in Qin & Han Dynasty

·The Literature of Eastern Zhejiang School

Ancient Chinese Literature

·Ancient Chinese ?Literature & Traditional Culture

Chinese Modern & Contemporary Literature

·Chinese Contemporary Literary Trends

Basic Mathematics

·Harmonic Analysis & Its Applications

·Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

Applied Mathematics

·Differential ?Equations & Dynamical Systems

Operational Research& Cybernetics

·Graph Theory

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